Swimmers Delight

10241 Owl Rd Venedy, IL 62214


Service after the sale

After the sale of a new swimming pool a homeowner wants to know that the company you have purchased from is going to be there if something goes wrong.  That is why we offer a full service department.  Our factory trained technicians can diagnose all aspects of your pool to determine your needs.  Couple that with our yearly maintenance of closing and openings and we have retained a large portion of our sales through the same quality and care we put into our new construction.


As a company we offer many different pools that based on your needs and wants we will find the right fit for you. 

The Fort Wayne Elite pool has been a quality pool offered by us for over 20 years.  It is a vinyl lined polymer constructed pool.  There are many manufacturers in the pool industry but few will offer a lifetime warranty to a home owner.  Fort Wayne trusts their builders and know they can deliver a quality product.


At this time we would like to introduce our sales team.  Kevin Heintz as you already know is already a familiar face to the company.  But our new associate Tom Heintz has joined our sales team.  Originally starting his construction career with Swimmers Delight twenty plus years ago.  His years in the construction industry have given him the background crucial to helping you the homeowner design the perfect pool for your backyard.  He will be a key component as we move forward in the upcoming seasons. 

If you would like to talk with either member of our sales team feel free to contact us through our contact page, or give us a call directly.

Engele Landscape Design and Construction

provides professional design, installation, and maintenance of all phases of landscaping, irrigation, lighting, pavers, walls, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens.  They are family owned and operated and utilize a hands-on, personal approach to provide results that meet and exceed your individual wants and needs.